WhatsApp Instant Help


Hayward University has implemented a student-friendly approach for handling inquiries. If a student has questions about applying to Hayward University, the application process, courses, accommodation, or any other related matters, the university encourages them to reach out to their Admissions Enquiries Advisers through a live chat interface. Here's a breakdown of the process. The university emphasizes the use of real-time chat as the primary communication method. Instead of sending emails or letters, students are encouraged to engage in live chat conversations. The university acknowledges that students are accustomed to using smartphones and real-time chat in their daily lives. Therefore, the live chat interface provides a familiar and convenient platform for students to ask their questions. By utilizing live chat, the university aims to provide immediate assistance to students. This aligns with the desire to make the communication process more efficient and responsive. The university recognizes the importance of establishing a personal connection with students. The live chat feature is described as going the "extra mile" to ensure that students feel comfortable and open about discussing their concerns or issues. Students are directed to reach out to the Admissions Enquiries Advisers for assistance. These advisers are likely trained to handle a variety of questions related to the application process, courses, and other relevant topics.