Study at your own pace

Students today communicate, collaborate, socialize, work, explore, and learn with personal technologies every day. They stay engaged with the world around them whether they are in the car, at home, on the train or in the hallways at school. The Millennials are eager to share their dreams on social networking sites, follow their favorite celebrity on twitter and they use technology for reading, writing and many other aspects of their lives. They want to be engaged! Rapidly evolving technology and the new Web tools have made information and sharing an everyday part of our culture. Educators of today and the future need to ensure that students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to make sense of the tools and information available to them. Today learning is anywhere and anytime.

Whether you have a full-time or part-time job, applying for a full-time MBA, as much as you would like it, is not an option. A full-time MBA truly means 100% dedication in terms of studying for that degree. Since this is not your case, you’ll need to make a compromise and choose a part-time or online MBA degree, which is specifically dedicated to working professionals like yourself.

Part-time and online MBA programs are equally acknowledged and valued by employers and they have the same curriculum as traditional full-time MBAs. So, they are exactly what you need in terms of schedule and career goals.