Our students are our best ambassadors as they have first-hand experience of the caring, convenient and career-focused environment that Hayward University strives to provide.

By sharing your experience at Hayward University with a friend or relative you can inspire and motivate someone to join you in realizing their full potential! We encourage all students of Hayward University to take pride in your accomplishment and invite someone you know, to take part in our Student Referral Program.

The Student Referral Program is easy and convenient. Simply provide our Admissions staff with basic student contact information using the referral form provided below and we’ll take it from there. Admissions staff will follow up with the student you’ve referred and provide them with information on applying.

What is the process?

Referring student of Hayward University will complete the online form. The referral student (new student) as well as the referring student will receive an email confirmation of the submitted referral form after the admission committee verifies that the referral student has not enquired earlier or has already not applied with Hayward University at the point of time referral was made.