Administrative Policies

Non-Discrimination Policy

Hayward University is firmly committed to providing equal opportunities for all individuals without discrimination under any circumstances. The university staunchly opposes and prohibits all forms of harassment, ensuring that its educational and employment programs, policies, practices, and procedures are free from bias. Hayward University maintains a strong commitment to non-discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation (including gender identity), and veteran status. The university pledges to adhere to all federal and state non-discrimination, equal opportunity, and affirmative action laws, orders, and regulations. This commitment to non-discrimination is applicable to all aspects of university life, including but not limited to admissions, employment, and participation in university programs and activities. Hayward University is dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that values diversity and promotes the principles of equality and fairness for all members of its community.

Disability Policy

Hayward University is committed to acknowledging and fulfilling its obligations to afford reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities in its educational programs. Applicants seeking information about disability accommodations are encouraged to consult with their Admissions Advisor. Students who have been accepted into the University and require reasonable academic accommodations due to a disability are invited to submit a Disability Accommodation application to their Program Advisor. The application will be directed to the Disability Services Committee for review. Within six weeks of submission, students will receive written notification from the Office of Student Services regarding the accommodations that have been offered and/or any denials. Hayward University places a premium on maintaining the confidentiality of all student records pertaining to requests for disability accommodations. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive learning environment where all students, regardless of ability, have equal access to educational opportunities. Hayward University is committed to working collaboratively with students to ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided to support their academic success.

Privacy Policy

Hayward University holds a steadfast commitment to respecting and safeguarding the privacy of its students, applicants, and personnel. The university places significant emphasis on protecting the confidentiality of all student educational records. In adherence to applicable laws and the terms outlined in its Privacy Policy, Hayward University pledges not to publish or disclose the academic records or confidential information of a student, applicant, or member of its personnel team to any third party, except where required by law or as explicitly stated in the university's Privacy Policy or other relevant policies. This commitment to privacy and confidentiality underscores the university's dedication to creating a secure and trusting environment for its academic community. Hayward University remains proactive in ensuring that personal and academic information is handled with the utmost care and discretion.

Intellectual Property

Hayward University holds a deep regard for the intellectual property rights of individuals engaged in the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge through teaching, collective learning, and ongoing research within the university community. Aligned with its mission, Hayward University ensures that all reading materials are provided to its students without charge. In adherence to copyright conditions and applicable laws governing the use of these materials, Hayward University is committed to upholding ethical and legal standards. The university has implemented a comprehensive Intellectual Property policy, specifically guiding course developers in the preparation of Hayward University courses as outlined in the "Guidelines on Development of Course Materials." This policy underscores Hayward University's dedication to fostering an environment that respects and protects intellectual property rights while promoting the free exchange of knowledge within the academic community. The university remains committed to providing clear guidance to its faculty and staff to ensure the responsible and ethical use of intellectual property in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Academic Waiver Policy

Students at Hayward University have the option to petition for a waiver of academic policies under specific circumstances or experiences considered extenuating. To initiate this process, students must submit a written petition to the Student Affairs Committee at least 45 days before the intended term start date when the waiver will take effect. The petition should include a clear description of the basis for the request and any supporting documentation or evidence of mitigating circumstances. All petitions must be sent to the student's Program Advisor, who will then forward it to the Office of Student Services at The petition will subsequently be directed to the Provost for Academic Affairs for evaluation to determine its validity and merit. Upon submission of the appeal, students will receive a confirmation email within one week from the Office of Student Services. A final decision regarding the appeal will be communicated within six weeks of the petition submission. The decisions made by the Committee are considered final and binding. If the petition is granted, the Office of Student Services will take the necessary steps to process the appropriate actions. This policy ensures a fair and transparent process for students seeking waivers due to extenuating circumstances.