Processing Fees, Scholarships, and financial assistance

Processing Fees

Hayward University operates as a tuition-free, non-profit institution, committed to providing accessible higher education worldwide. Students are not charged for educational instruction, course materials, or annual enrollment. The university aims to ensure that no qualified student is denied the opportunity to study at Hayward University for financial reasons.

As a non-profit institution, Hayward University maintains its dedication to controlling expenses and reducing the overall cost of higher education. To remain sustainable, the university charges small fees such as application fees, transfer credit evaluation fees, and assessment fees. Hayward University reserves the right to change these fees at its discretion. All fees are the responsibility of the student, and the university accepts no responsibility for additional fees incurred during payment.


Application Fee

Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable Application Fee of $50. This fee is subject to change and applies to applications in process. The Application Fee must be submitted with the application for graduate-level study at Hayward University.

The Application Fee does not cover any additional fees required for third-party evaluation. Applicants seeking readmission or academic renewal must pay the Application Fee applicable at the time of reapplication. In cases where applicants are unable to pay the Application Fee, they can contact the Financial Aid Office to explain their circumstances. Hayward University may request proof of circumstances, and in certain situations, the university may award a grant to help reduce the Application Fee.

Applicants eligible for a scholarship upon admission may be awarded a University Grant to waive the Application Fee, subject to determination by Hayward University. This policy reflects Hayward University's commitment to making education financially accessible while allowing for the necessary fees to maintain its operational sustainability.


Evaluation Fee for Transfer Credit

A $50 Evaluation Fee is applied to each course accepted for transfer credit at Hayward University. Payment of the Evaluation Fee is a prerequisite for recording a course on a Hayward University transcript, indicating fulfillment of a degree requirement. For currently-enrolled degree-seeking students, transfer credit becomes official upon fee payment, immediately reflecting on the transcript. Applicants and non-degree students will have transfer credit become official upon fee payment and completion of at least one graded course as a Degree Seeking Student.


Assessment Fees

Assessment Fees, amounting to $50 per course, are applicable to all students studying at Hayward University. Graduate degree-seeking students are required to pay an Assessment Fee of $50 for each course they undertake at the university.


Total Estimated Fees

The total estimated fees for a degree program completed entirely at Hayward University are provided below. Fees may vary if a Degree Seeking Student has transfer credit officially recorded on their transcript. Application Fee: $50 (Non-refundable). Evaluation Fee for Transfer Credit: $50 per course. Assessment Fee: $50 per course. The University retains the right to introduce optional or special fees in future terms, providing reasonable notice to students. As of now, there are no optional or special fees for graduate-level students at Hayward University. This fee structure is subject to change at the discretion of the university.

Program Free Tution Application Fee Assessment Fee (per course) Number of Courses Transcripts processing fee Total Estimated Fees
Master of Theology (MTh) Degree ($16000) Savings $50 $50 8 $50 $500

The estimated fees outlined are based on the assumption of successful completion of all courses required for a graduate degree at Hayward University. It is important to note the following:

Repeating Courses: Students required to repeat courses will incur an additional Assessment Fee for each course retaken.

Third-Party Evaluation Fees: Any additional fees required for third-party evaluation of documents are not included in the estimated fees.

Attendance Charges: Hayward University does not charge for attendance, and therefore, there are no charges incurred for a period of attendance.

Fee Changes: The University reserves the right to modify the cost of the Application Fee, the Evaluation Fee for Transfer Credit, and the Assessment Fee. The Assessment Fee amount will be subject to an annual review, and any changes will be effective from September 1.Students will be notified of any changes to Assessment Fees no later than June 1st, ensuring transparency regarding fee adjustments. These additional notes provide clarity on specific situations that may lead to extra fees and emphasize the university's commitment to transparency in fee structures and potential changes. Students are encouraged to stay informed about any fee adjustments communicated by the university.



Payment methods for fees at Hayward University include both online and offline options:

Online Payment: Payments can be made online using avenues like a PayPal account or as a guest for credit card payments. Offline Payment: Offline payment options include Western Union, Money Gram, Western Union Global Pay, or a cashier’s check. For inquiries about payment options, students can contact

ASSESSMENT FEE PAYMENT: Assessment Fees are paid when the drop/withdrawal period concludes. Outstanding balances for Assessment Fees must be settled by the end of the final exam period. Failure to pay the Assessment Fee by the specified deadline will result in a financial hold on the student’s file. A financial hold may lead to the cancellation of course registrations for the upcoming term until all outstanding payments are made.

FINANCIAL HOLDS: Students may be on a financial hold for up to three terms. By the start of the fourth term, if any outstanding payment is due, the student will be administratively withdrawn from Hayward University. Re-enrollment or reinstatement may be requested after settling overdue payments in full.

PLANNING AND BUDGETING: Students are encouraged to plan and budget for Assessment Fee payments to avoid academic schedule interruptions. If unable to pay, students may need to put their studies on hold while securing additional funding. In such cases, students should apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the University. Students can review outstanding balances and payments due to the University. Questions and requests for assistance regarding payments should be directed to


Cancellation and Refund Policy

A student has five (5) calendar days after signing the enrollment agreement to cancel and/or withdraw for a full refund of all payments. If withdrawal occurs before the first day of class, a full refund is issued, minus the non-refundable application fee of $50. Refunds after the start of class are calculated on a class-by-class basis using the time-based refund policy. This comprehensive payment policy outlines methods, deadlines, and procedures to ensure a smooth financial process for students at Hayward University.

Week one 80%
Week two 60%
Week three 40%
Week four 20%
Week five 0%

Refunds will be made within 30 days of the students written request.



Hayward University offers diverse and dynamic scholarships from various sources and donors globally. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, covering full or partial fees. Students can apply for scholarships each term by sending applications to


Financial Assistance

Private lenders provide competitive loans (alternative loans) to assist with fees. Hayward University offers preferred lender lists for student research. Students can apply for financial aid by sending applications to


False Statements, Misrepresentation, and Fraud

The University reserves the right to deny admission or take action if false statements, misrepresentations, or fraud are detected. Admission may be revoked or suspension imposed if a scholarship is obtained through misleading or fraudulent information.



Students responsible for repaying loans obtained from individuals or organizations outside Hayward University. Repayment includes the full loan amount plus interest, less any refund received. Hayward University does not participate in Federal Loan Programs.


Financial Assistance

Private lenders offer competitive Private loans (alternative loans) for fee payment. Preferred lender lists guide students in lender selection. Loans from the student’s chosen lender are processed promptly.


Financial Aid

Private lenders provide competitive Private loans (alternative loans) for fee payment. Preferred lender lists assist students in lender selection. Loans from the student’s chosen lender are processed promptly. This section emphasizes the availability of scholarships, financial assistance, and loans to support students in their educational journey at Hayward University, along with guidelines for ethical conduct in financial matters.