Technology, Library and other university services and offices

Hayward University encourages all accepted and prospective students to contact the relevant University office for any assistance and clarification of policies and procedures.


The Hayward University Google hangouts was established to provide a virtual collaborative environment for Hayward University students, faculty, alumni, staff and volunteers from across the globe to connect and share meaningful information, questions, and ideas with one another. It is an opportunity to meet other students and members of the University community outside of the google classroom.

Participation in hangouts is optional; those who join the Hayward University google hangouts Network must agree to the google Terms of Use. All questions about should be directed to

Computing and Networking Services and Requirements

Although Google classroom and hangouts are not open to public access, students should note that these online spaces are neither private nor confidential. Neither students nor instructional personnel should assume privacy when communicating in the Virtual Learning Environment. The University may not have access and observe communications conducted in the Virtual Learning Environment for regulatory, accreditation, research, and other administrative purposes such as enforcing the General Code of Conduct, including investigating allegations of misconduct, suspected misconduct, or other complaints. Additionally, Hayward University may provide limited access to learning resources to individuals other than students, alumni, instructional personnel, and staff.

The primary form of official communication from Hayward University is through e-mail. Students are required to main active e-mail addresses and are responsible for keeping their contact information accurate and current. Students should note that the email address they used to apply to the Hayward University is the one maintained by the Office of Student Services unless they have subsequently submitted a request to change it. Students wishing to change information should do this via the Self- Services Portal using the “Change Personal Information” form.

Students should note that any change of contact informationatHaywarduniversity is not considered a formal change of contact information. Finally, to ensure receipt of important announcements from the University, students should check that spam filters are set to receive email from Hayward University.



Students are required to have access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection in order to complete all requirements for a course.

Students must also have the ability to save documents and files. Typically, Hayward University learning materials are provided to students in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office compatible formats. Therefore, students need to be able to open and save documents in these formats as well.

Although the latest version of IE, Safari, Opera, and Chrome can be used to access the Hayward University Online Learning Platform, the university recommends that students use the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser ( Please note that students using mobile phones, especially older models, may have difficulty accessing and using the site.

The Adobe PDF Reader software is available for free at the following link: Office is commercial software which is not available for free. If you do not already have or are unable to obtain a copy of Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) please use one of the following free options:

Download and install LibreOffice, a free and open source office suite that is mostly MS Office compatible ( When saving, please be sure to save your documents in MS Office format or PDF format, not the default LibreOffice format. This is the preferred free option.

Use an online office suite such as Office Online from Microsoft or Google Apps from Google to view and edit basic Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files in a web browser. To create an Office Online account, please go to or and create your account. To create a Google Apps account, please go to and create your account. Note that whatever system students choose to use, all files shared with Course Instructors and classmates must be saved in either Microsoft-compatible formats or PDF format.

Other Software: Note that certain coursesmay require the installation and use of other specialized software. This information will be listed in the relevant course syllabus.



Each student is assigned a designated username and password to log into the Hayward University Online Learning Platform and courses. Hayward University students with technical issues should contact Google Classroom Support at for assistance with login problems.

Students’ usernames and passwords are vital for the security of a student’s work. The responsibility for all activities carried out under a student’s username rests solely with that student. Please ensure you keep your password secret and do not give it to anyone else.



Support is available to registered students through email at In order to troubleshoot the problem, students are asked to include the following information in the e-mail:

• Student ID number and the student’s first and last names

• The course number and the course name (example: BUSC 5114 - Developing new business ideas).

• Provide a brief description about what happened when the error occurred.

• Include any error messages received. Another option is for students to press the ‘print screen’ button (located on the upper right corner of most keyboards) and copy and paste the image into the body of the email.

• Record the exact time (Hayward University time) that the error occurred



Hayward University encourages students to register consortium of institutions that makes available to its members a rich and powerful collection of resources including unlimited journal articles, books, encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines, and audio and video clips.

Students are encouraged to register ProQuest online data bases and GALE databases.Hayward University also encourages to register JSTOR giving students online access to a wide array of journals to support research, writing and learning activities. JSTOR too includes access to more than 2,300 academic journals and more than 50 million digitized pages.

All Hayward University instructional personnel and enrolled students may use these resources as reference and with paid subscriptions. Additionally, students are provided at no charge with other open education resources and course materials.

For questions or suggestions regarding the Hayward University Library and Resource Center, open educational resources, students may contact Hayward University’s Director of Library Services at



The Hayward University Online Student Writing Center (OSWC) is a resource center for students who wish to improve their general and academic writing skills through peer sharing and the development of strategies and knowledge to cultivate success as writers. In accessing resources in the form of guides on the writing process, research methods, ESL, APA format, and best practices to avoid plagiarism, the OSWC helps students develop and further polish their writing and editing skills.The OSWC is an optional resource for students at Hayward University.For more information students may contact Hayward Services at



Hayward University’s Career Service Center offers career guidance and advising for professional discovery and success both during and following the completion of a Hayward University degree. The Hayward University Career Service Center offers students’ comprehensive, expert guidance as well as tools to improve vital professional skills pertinent to the business world, including:

• Resume building and cover letter writing

• Job searching skills

• Interviewing techniques

• Professional networking skills

• Career planning in the area of one’s major

The Career Service Center is accessible to students throughout the course of their studies, as well as after they graduate. Whether students are thinking about their first professional job in the workplace, wish to enhance their skills in their current field, or are considering a career change, the Career Service Center offers vital tools to help them succeed.For more information students may contact Hayward Services at



Hayward University provides access to a number of different internship opportunities offered by internationally recognized corporations and organizations. By participating in online internships in a variety of sectors, students gain work experience and networking opportunities.

All internship opportunities consist of defined projects within the host’s organization, creating valuable learning opportunities for the student. Internships opportunities are available to all current Hayward University Degree Seeking Students and are announced by email over the course of their studies.



The Hayward University Mentorship Program provides students with a support system throughout their time at the institution. Hayward University mentors are industry-leading professionals and valued members of the Hayward University global community who help support our students as they work to accomplish their personal, academic and professional goals. Through the mentorship program, students receive guidance, encouragement and the skills necessary to succeed both in their studies and beyond the classroom.



Networking is vital in the quest to build a successful career, no matter what the field. At Hayward University our international community of faculty and students provides a global networking community. With faculty hailing from some of the top universities, corporations and foundations worldwide, and students hailing from over 180 countries, the networking potential at Hayward University is immense. Our global employment network aids in broadening the career opportunities as well as strengthening the career options for our students, providing each student with a classroom of international learners and peers to create an extensive professional network.

Outside the classroom, Hayward University partners with world renowned corporations offering excellent networking opportunities for our students, which in turn,broadens their employment opportunities. Hayward University develops students’ networking abilities as participants in a thriving global community. Combined with internship and mentorship programs, students gain the skills to utilize these connections, in real life work experience.



The Financial Aid Office reviews and processes requests from applicants seeking grants to help with the Application Fee and from applicants and enrollees seeking scholarship support to assist with the Assessment Fees. The Financial Aid Office can be reached at



The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all aspects of the curriculum with a primary commitment to creating a dynamic atmosphere for student learning and success. In assisting students with advice pertaining to their academic studies and information regarding academic policies and procedures, Academic Affairs provides guidance and leadership to assist students in solving academic-related problems within their courses, including such things as peer assessment issues, communication with Course Instructors, and other general course-related issues.

Hayward University Course Instructors are available to students via email throughout the academic year and students who have academic-related questions should contact their Course Instructor first. Instructors respond to students within 72 hours and usually sooner. Students who have not heard back from their Course Instructor within 48 hours should contact their personal Program Advisor for additional support.



The Peer Assessment Office (PAO) is a resource center for students at the University devoted to supporting students as they navigate the peer-to-peer learning and assessment processes. Peer Assessment Advisors and Peer Assessment Student Advisors are available to help students to become more proficient in the processes at Hayward University.

Degree Seeking Students are invited to participate in the PAO, and participants are required to follow all the rules and regulations outlined in the Catalog and posted in the PAO. Inappropriate postings violating the General Code of Conduct and/or the Code of Academic Integrity will be removed from the PAO, and students with repeated violations will no longer be given access to the center. All violations are grounds for disciplinary action.

The PAO participation, howeveris optional at all times. Students who do not wish to have access to the PAO may send this request to the Office of Academic Affairs at



The Office of Student Affairs ( oversees the review of SatisfactoryAcademic Progress, the naming of students to the President’s, Dean’s and Honor’s List, Hayward University Partnership nominations, and supports students who may be encountering or anticipating academic difficulties, or may require special assistance in completing their requirements for graduation.



The Office of Student Services ( forms part of a comprehensive network of services at the University designed to support and help students throughout their studies.

Student Services maintains all student records and supports students with both administrative and academic services in consultation with other offices in the University, responsibly implementing university policies and procedures, degree audits, and the conferment of university degrees.



The Office of Admissions oversees the admissions process for prospective and current applicants to the University, including the processing of all applications for admission to Hayward University's degree programs.

Providing assistance and guidance regarding all admissions requirements, the Office of Admissions answers questions regarding prospective students’ applications and provides updates on their applicant status. More information about the admissions process can be found in Chapter 3; interested parties can reach the Office of Admissions at



The Outreach Department works hard to ensure that applicants around the world are able to access the opportunities Hayward University offers to study online and tuition-free. The Outreach Office can be reached at



The Payment Office oversees the processing of payments for both Application and Assessment Fees at Hayward University. Also working in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office, the Payments Office processes and reconciles scholarship payments for students unable to pay Assessment Fees.

For questions regarding payments including payment methods, amounts payable, and payment deadlines, applicants and students may contact the Payments Office at



The Program Advising Office is designed to be a partnership between Program Advisors and students whereby every incoming student is assigned a personal Program Advisor who remains their single point of contact for academic and administrative support throughout their studies at Hayward University.

Program Advisors work with students at Hayward University to answer questions and respond to concerns about academic progress, goals in attaining their degrees from the University, and challenges and decisions that need to be made throughout their academic studies.

Students may reach out to their personal Program Advisor as often as needed, but are advised to be in touch at least once a year to monitor degree progress; Program Advisors can be reached at their personal email address or at



Hayward University does not currently offer the following services:

Graduation ceremony

Counseling services.