Spot Admission

Spot admission is an event designed to help students get enrolled in their desired University, as well as their application to any other colleges or universities. Additionally, students who bring their high school mark sheets to the event will have their application processed immediately, and if admissible, students will be conditionally accepted.

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When a student has a question for Hayward University, what do they do? Do they write an email or a letter? …How should they pitch it? …Who do they write to? Or do they have to go and find someone? …Where do they go? …Who will listen?

If you have questions about applying to Hayward University, the application process, our courses, accommodation or anything else then our friendly Admissions Enquiries Advisers are here to help.

You can chat to one of our advisers right now by typing your question.

We've found a better way

We do it by using an interface they already know, in a context they’ve grown up with. Our students live on their smartphones, and use real time chat in every other aspect of their lives. So instead of asking them to come to us, we go to them.

Students want to feel a personal connection with Hayward University. University Assistant’s live chat goes that extra mile to ensure students feel comfortable being open about their issues.

Free Tuition

Total estimated fees for a degree program taken entirely at Hayward University are listed below. Fees may be less if a Degree Seeking Student has had transfer credit officially recorded on his or her transcript. The University reserves the right to charge optional or special fees, upon reasonable notice to students, in future terms. There are no optional or special fees for student at the graduate level at present.

Program Free Tuition Application Fee Assessment Fee (per course) Number of Courses Transcripts processing fee Total Estimated Fees
Master of Theology (MTh) Degree $16000Savings $50 $50 8 $50 $500

These estimated fees are based on the successful completion of all courses for a graduate degree at Hayward University and do not include:

Fees incurred for repeating courses: students who are required to repeat courses will incur an additional assessment Fee for each course taken.

Any additional fees that may be required for third party evaluation.

Please note that Hayward University does not charge for attendance and as such, there are no charges incurred for a period of attendance.

The University reserves the right to change the cost of the Application Fee, the transfer credit Evaluation Fee, and the Assessment Fee. The amount of the Assessment Fee will be reviewed annually, and any change to the fee amount will be effective as of September 1. Students will be notified of the change to the Assessment Fees no later than June 1st.

Classroom Mobile App

More teaching time and inspires learner with Classroom Simplify teaching and learning Add students directly, or share a code or link so the whole class can join

• Sets up a class in minutes and create class work that appear on students’ calendars

• Easily communicates with guardians and automatically send them updates

• An easy tool helping educators efficiently manage and assess progress, while enhancing connections with learners from school, from home, or on the go.Move students forward

• Stores frequently used feedback in your comment bank for fast, personalized responses

• Grades consistently and transparently with rubrics integrated into student work

• Enables originality reports to let students scan their own work for potential plagiarism Strengthen student connections

• Connects with your students from anywhere with a hybrid approach for in-class and virtual classes

• Communicates important announcements to the Stream page

• Enables face-to-face connections with students using Google Meet built into Classroom Keep your data protected

• Ensures each user has a unique sign-in to keep individual accounts secure

• Restrict Classroom activity to members of the class

• Protects student privacy - student data is never used for advertising purposes


Fastest Theology

The traditional Master’s degree takes 2 years to complete. But some accelerated degree program let you complete an entire Masterss degree in far less time—sometimes under a year—depending on what you study and how aggressively you complete courses.

Our online degree is more convenient than an on-campus degree, and our accelerated program can drastically reduce the cost of your degree—both in tuition and time. Hayward University cuts down on the time it takes to finish your degree. we offer:

1.Credits for life experiences: So if you’ve already learned a lot of the material from previous classes or real-life experience, you can save months or even years off your degree program.such as your employment history or volunteer work

2.Allow you to “test out” of certain classes How do they do it? Competency-based education. Instead of completing courses when the semester or quarter ends, you complete them when you can demonstrate that you’ve mastered the material.

3.Let you complete courses at your own pace as fast as you can.

4. Transfer credits: We’re going to assume you have zero transfer credits so that we’re only looking at programs that are actually faster. But we’ll still let you know Hayward University accepts credits from other schools, and how much of your degree can be transferred.

How fast you finish a degree is kind of up to you

Hayward provides some great ways to save time on your degree—but ultimately, how fast you finish depends on how hard you’re willing to work. If you’re determined to finish quickly and you have the time, you can take more credits per quarter or semester. We have tools and technology can make it easier to save off months or even years of your program, but to really reduce your degree time, you’ll have to put in work.

Should speed be the biggest factor in choosing a degree?

Only you can decide what’s most important to you. Nobody wants to waste time in classes they don’t need, or to listen to lectures about things they already know. But choosing a degree program based on how fast you can finish isn’t going to guarantee you’ll avoid those things.

Maybe you only want a degree because you know people with college degrees earn more on average. Or maybe there’s a job you want that just requires some kind of degree. But the degree you choose can significantly affect your earning potential and completely change the expertise you develop.

Start to finish, Hayward University has one of the fastest paths to a MTh degree. If you’re ambitious and sharp enough (and you’ve got the spare time), you can complete as fast as you can on your own pace.


Life Experience credits

What Are Life Experience Credits?

During the course of their career, adults often develop specialized skills and knowledge that are equivalent to college course work. At Hayward has developed the life experience credit evaluation process as a way for nontraditional students to earn academic credit for knowledge and experience gained outside of a traditional classroom. In the broadest sense, life experience credit includes all college-level learning before admission to Hayward, as well as formal learning gained through successful completion of course work sponsored by the military and government agencies, and knowledge obtained through career experience, volunteer work, the utilization of artistic abilities, and proficiency in computers and foreign language (including sign language).

By utilizing the Hayward life experience credit program, you can complete your college degree faster and at less expense.

The most important thought to keep in mind about life experience is that credit is not awarded for experiences—no matter how sophisticated—but for the student’s ability to demonstrate that these are college-level experiences. Students must demonstrate, with the guidance of the faculty evaluators, that they possess the knowledge reflected in the course work taught at Hayward.

Study from anywhere and anytime

Study is from Anywhere-Anytime!

Students today communicate, collaborate, socialize, work, explore, and learn with personal technologies every day. They stay engaged with the world around them whether they are in the car, at home, on the train or in the hallways at school. The Millennials are eager to share their dreams on social networking sites, follow their favorite celebrity on twitter and they use technology for reading, writing and many other aspects of their lives. They want to be engaged! Rapidly evolving technology and the new Web tools have made information and sharing an everyday part of our culture. Educators of today and the future need to ensure that students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to make sense of the tools and information available to them. Today learning is anywhere and anytime.

Whether you have a full-time or part-time job, applying for a full-time MTh, as much as you would like it, is not an option. A full-time MTh truly means 100% dedication in terms of studying for that degree. Since this is not your case, you’ll need to make a compromise and choose a part-time or online MTh degree, which is specifically dedicated to working professionals like yourself.

Part-time and online MTh programs are equally acknowledged and valued by employers and they have the same curriculum as traditional full-time MTh. So, they are exactly what you need in terms of schedule and career goals.

Career Assistance

The Career Assistance Program (CAP) at Hayward University is a weekly training program designed and written by our experienced staff. The goal of this is to provide students with strategies to successfully plan their careers and reach their employment goals.

Career Assistance trains students in:

Writing resumes and cover letters

Starting the job search


Requesting letters of recommendation

Interviewing and preparing for your interview

Hayward University career assistance doesn’t end after the last training session–students are offered a lifetime of career services upon enrollment. Hayward University can Help You Get On Track to Your Career



Our students are our best ambassadors as they have first-hand experience of the caring, convenient and career-focused environment that Hayward University strives to provide.

By sharing your experience at Hayward University with a friend or relative you can inspire and motivate someone to join you in realizing their full potential! We encourage all students of Hayward University to take pride in your accomplishment and invite someone you know, to take part in our Student Referral Program.

The Student Referral Program is easy and convenient. Simply provide our Admissions staff with basic student contact information using the referral form provided below and we’ll take it from there. Admissions staff will follow up with the student you’ve referred and provide them with information on applying.

What is the process?

Referring student of Hayward University will complete the online form. The referral student (new student) as well as the referring student will receive an email confirmation of the submitted referral form after the admission committee verifies that the referral student has not enquired earlier or has already not applied with Hayward University at the point of time referral was made.