Life Experience credits

What Are Life Experience Credits?

Hayward University's life experience credit evaluation process, designed to recognize and award academic credit for the specialized skills and knowledge that nontraditional students acquire throughout their careers.

Life Experience Credit Evaluation Process: Hayward University has established a life experience credit evaluation process to assess the knowledge and skills gained by nontraditional students outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Scope of Life Experience Credit: The university considers various sources of learning for life experience credit, including College-level learning before admission to Hayward. Formal learning through military and government-sponsored coursework. Knowledge acquired through career experience. Volunteer work. Utilization of artistic abilities. Proficiency in computers and foreign languages (including sign language).

The goal of the life experience credit program is to allow nontraditional students to earn academic credit for their experiences. This, in turn, enables them to complete their college degree more quickly and at a reduced expense. The passage emphasizes that credit is not awarded simply for having experiences but for the ability of the student to demonstrate that these experiences are at a college level. Faculty evaluators play a crucial role in guiding students to show that they possess knowledge equivalent to the course work taught at Hayward University. One of the benefits highlighted is that utilizing the life experience credit program can enable students to complete their college degree faster. This aligns with the university's commitment to recognizing and valuing the diverse learning pathways of nontraditional students.