Payment Methods

Payments methods for any of the fees include online payment avenues, such as a PayPal account or as a guest for payments via credit card, and offline payments such as Western Union, Money Gram, Western Union Global Pay, or cashier’s check. All questions regarding payment options should be directed to

Students pay for their Assessment Fees when the drop/withdrawal period is over. All outstanding balances for Assessment Fees must be paid by the end of the final exam period.

If the Assessment Fee has not been paid by the end of the University’s final examination period, a financial hold will be placed on the student’s file. When this occurs, course registrations for the upcoming term will be cancelled and the student will not be permitted to register for or to continue taking courses until all outstanding payments have been made and the hold is removed. If all outstanding balances for Assessment Fees are paid before the end of late registration, students may be able to register themselves for courses during late registration and continue with their studies. Students who paid but did not register themselves to courses will remain on hold until the next term.

Students may be on a financial hold for up to three terms; by the start of the fourth term if any outstanding payment is still due, the student will be administratively withdrawn from Hayward University. A student may request re-enrollment or reinstatement to the University, or apply for academic renewal, but only after any overdue payments are made in full.

Students are encouraged to plan, anticipate, and budget for all Assessment Fee payments to avoid interruption of their academic schedule. Students unable to pay the Assessment Fees may be required to put their studies on hold while they secure additional funding. If the student needs to put his or her studies on hold while securing additional funding beyond whatever Hayward University's financial aid they may have been awarded, the student should apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the University.

Students may review outstanding balances and payments due to the University. All clarifications, questions, and requests for assistance regarding how to make payments should be directed to the Payments Office at