Free Tuition

Total estimated fees for a degree program taken entirely at Hayward University are listed below. Fees may be less if a Degree Seeking Student has had transfer credit officially recorded on his or her transcript. The University reserves the right to charge optional or special fees, upon reasonable notice to students, in future terms. There are no optional or special fees for student at the graduate level at present.

Program Free Tuition Application Fee Assessment Fee (per course) Number of Courses Transcripts processing fee Total Estimated Fees
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree $16000Savings $50 $50 8 $50 $500

These estimated fees are based on the successful completion of all courses for a graduate degree at Hayward University and do not include:

Fees incurred for repeating courses: students who are required to repeat courses will incur an additional assessment Fee for each course taken.

Any additional fees that may be required for third party evaluation.

Please note that Hayward University does not charge for attendance and as such, there are no charges incurred for a period of attendance.

The University reserves the right to change the cost of the Application Fee, the transfer credit Evaluation Fee, and the Assessment Fee. The amount of the Assessment Fee will be reviewed annually, and any change to the fee amount will be effective as of September 1. Students will be notified of the change to the Assessment Fees no later than June 1st.