Life Experience credits

What Are Life Experience Credits?

During the course of their career, adults often develop specialized skills and knowledge that are equivalent to college course work. At Hayward has developed the life experience credit evaluation process as a way for nontraditional students to earn academic credit for knowledge and experience gained outside of a traditional classroom. In the broadest sense, life experience credit includes all college-level learning before admission to Hayward, as well as formal learning gained through successful completion of course work sponsored by the military and government agencies, and knowledge obtained through career experience, volunteer work, the utilization of artistic abilities, and proficiency in computers and foreign language (including sign language).

By utilizing the Hayward life experience credit program, you can complete your college degree faster and at less expense.

The most important thought to keep in mind about life experience is that credit is not awarded for experiences—no matter how sophisticated—but for the student’s ability to demonstrate that these are college-level experiences. Students must demonstrate, with the guidance of the faculty evaluators, that they possess the knowledge reflected in the course work taught at Hayward.